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Do you like sports in general? Do you practice it? Are you also interested in cycling? Then this blog is for you!

How can you improve your cycling performance?

These three elements – endurance, strength, speed – are essential whether you are planning to run, are focused on the sport, are aiming for your first lap of the century, or just want to improve as a runner. You will need a good basic level of fitness, not to mention a strong will, as well as the ability to focus and stick to a plan. But, in the end, it’s all worth it.

A unique cycling experience.

With today’s ever-changing technology, more and more people are finding it hard to imagine living even one day without their smartphone. However, in addition to the magnitude of the ecological cause today, we also advocate the use of bicycles, while using your smartphone while cycling is quite complicated.

Other sports

Although we are passionate about cycling, we are also interested in other sports. Crossfit, basketball, soccer, rugby, there are many of them and we love them all! Each one has its own universe and specificities.

For Bike lovers
Mountain bikes can only be found in specialized stores, and most of the time they travel in a large bag as luggage. Therefore, a mountain biker must at least know how to ride his bike, and at a well calculated time. I have to admit that it’s really not a piece of cake, since my friend has trained really well on it. So, once we’ve finished setting up the bike, and putting up the tent, we take a look at the program for this parade.

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