Spots have been around since the beginning of human civilization. It started with small festivals where throwing stones was considered an athletic ability, to hunting and swimming. It has existed in many forms for a very long. Sports is through which the people have found entertainment, fun, and competitiveness for over thousands of years. 

While you may be aware of some common ones like football, cricket, hockey, and badminton. There are many others out there that are completely unusual and played vigorously around the world. 

Some unusual sports that you can try. 

The oil wrestling. 

Originated in Turkey, this sport has been around for centuries. It involves bringing the other player down while being completely slathered in oil. It is not as much playing as is watching it. It has quickly gained importance in many other countries too. 

Thrilling ironing. 

Though it might actually sound funny, this sport or ironing in dangerous situations has gained quite a hype. Just as the name sounds, players iron clothes in life-threatening conditions.

Hockey in deep water. 

This sport is normal hockey but played underwater. Usually, it is played in a swimming pool with snorkels and the regular hockey gear. Players come up every time for a gust of air and then dive back again to try to the goal.

Chess boxing.

You guessed it! It’s both chess and boxing. Players sit across each other and play chess and then knock each other out. The sport requires great dexterity and skill to win and is an all-time favorite all around the world. 

Hot cross buns. 

This sport involves baking the biggest and the ugliest bun. It might sound weird, but it is quickly gaining popularity because of how unusual its. Players compete to make buns out of wheat that has to have the following to win:

  • It has to be big
  • It has to be ugly
  • It has to be tasty.


Sports exist in all forms and provide people to witness and experience lots of pleasure. Have you ever tried some of these?